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Holt Carpets offers a wide range of Natural Flooring.

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Natural Flooring

Make an architectural statement with our extensive naturals collection. Choose from seagrass, sisal, coir and jute.

Invite a world of monsoon-grown grasses, Goan beaches and coconut husks into your home. Natural flooring looks great, but its the feeling inside that really counts.

Seagrass – Grown in coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, Seagrass is as textural and tropical as it gets. Effortlessly uplifting in relaxing rooms, seagrass weaves light into everyday life.

Sisal – Versatile and hard-wearing, it’s ideal for halls and stairs. Chunky sisals glow with multi-hued depth. Fine sisal is intricate and softly tactile.

Mountain Grass – has a charm of its own, distinctive by the loose weave and natural irregularities, our Mountain Grass flooring is golden and multi-toned. Bring the outdoors in.

natural2Coir – Full of natural goodness, coir comes crafted from Indian coconut husk fibres softened in sea water. Hearty and homely, rich and resilient, coir is husky, fibrous and tactile. Lay it wall-to-wall for a golden, multi-hued sense of well-being.

Jute – Hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant and soft as Goan sand, jute’s as natural and uplifting as golden sunshine. Soft and silken in tight bouclé or herringbone, it’s ideal for relaxing rooms. Spread the serenity around like love and laughter.

Natural Flooring brands we stock include: Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring, Fibre, Kersaint Cobb.

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